Aims & Activities


  • To promote research, development and technology transfer in the various fields of robotics at different scales (nano, micro, etc.) including, among others, perception, cognition and emotion which enable robots to act, interact and adapt to their physical and social environment; techniques for learning, planning, control, navigation, positioning, etc.; new mechanical, energy and materials design; communication systems for robots, humans and their environment; bioinspiration issues, etc.
  • To promote research and development in related fields necessary for the application of robotic technologies in society, including legal, ethical and urban planning issues, among others.
  • To integrate the activities of different robotics groups.
  • To contribute to the development of methodologies for experimentation in robotics and the application of the experimental results.
  • To contribute by representing the Spanish robotics research community in national, European and international forums.
  • To contribute to advances in the teaching of robotics at all levels.
  • To promote the dissemination of research and development results in robotics in a rigorous manner.
  • To analyse the ongoing development of robotics and to meet the various challenges over the coming years.

These aims will be achieved through the following activities.



  1. Organising congresses, conferences, courses, seminars, round tables and other activities either exclusively or in collaboration with other associations or organisations.
  2. Contributing together with other associations to the transfer of technologies to companies and organisations.
  3. Promoting the publication of works and studies undertaken by the robotics research and development community, including publishing and editing activities.
  4. Contributing to the development of metrics for experimentation in robotics as well as experimental databases for the testing of methods.
  5. Promoting experimentation in robotics through access to experimental databases.
  6. Organising robotics competitions of special interest for R+D, including new designs to resolve specific problems.
  7. Contributing to the creation of roadmaps for research and development in robotics and the identification of research needs.
  8. Advising members and strengthening collaboration through joint activities.
  9. Organising seminars and special sessions with societies and groups of interest in other disciplines complementary to robotics, providing synergies.
  10. To advise in the drafting of study plans and teaching programmes in robotics and related fields for the application of robotics in society.
  11. Grants and awards for the development of knowledge in specific robotics fields, collaborating in the future with other associations and organisations.
  12. Publicising information about the activities of Spanish research and development groups in robotics.
  13. Contributing to technology transfer to industry and society through organising working forums with companies and organisations, or by other relevant means.